Bat Photo ID Challenge

Who will be master in bat determination?

Within the framework of various research projects of the Applied Zoology and Nature Conservation Group at the University of Greifswald, we have set up so-called photo traps in various bat hibernacula. These are cameras that are coupled to light barriers and are triggered whenever a bat enters a roost.

Take part in our competition! Identifying bats is sometimes easy, but sometimes quite difficult! We have created a photo trap project where you can participate online and try to identify the bat species in the photos.

With the help of the identification key, you can quickly learn how to distinguish the species. However, it is often difficult because many species are very similar. To get you started, we have provided a training course with 10 bat photos, which you must complete before you can really get started!

You can try the demo version here or start the training here (you need to be registered and logged in) to get to the photo ID challenge.


Results of the first round Bat Photo ID Challenge:

We have evaluated three rounds (2020-2022), in which students and other participants tested the photos.

Here are the first 5 winners:

  1. felix.bossong (77.2 %)
  2. 123Fledermausherbei (71.5 %)
  3. D.Ruppert (66.0 %)
  4. ImkeP (65.7 %)
  5. Irina_Grigoryeva (65.4 %)


Let's go for the next round!

Tutorial Video

Video: This is how the data analysis works after you have completed the training.